The Art

We celebrate the refined art of craftsmanship and beauty of handmade leather design creations and accessories. Our creations embody the deep connection between creativity, craft, human ingenuity and dexterity. In each carefully crafted creation, we embody the soul of craftsmanship. An art passed down for generations. Our accessories tell the story of artisans, their dedication to perfection and the harmony between tradition and innovation.
In the world of the brand Jan Pulles®, therefore, the craftsman becomes a true artist.

Everything starts with the right choice of leather. The highest quality of leather hides is selected and only the flawless skins are used for this most exclusive accessories 'touched by Jan Pulles®'.

Leather is cut with precision, this is where the craftsman's experience comes to the fore once again, as even the smallest mistake can make a big difference.

The leather is refined and miniaturised with extreme care and precision.

The magic is in the details, with the craftsman using a variety of specific tools and techniques to add textures, patterns and engravings to the leather.

Seams are threaded by hand and with the necessary precision. An important part of the true art of leatherworking. Skills and precision and patience are required to expertly join every detail together.

Edges of the leather are manually smoothed and polished with precision.

Hand colouring, brushing and polishing with brush is a true tradition at Jan Pulles®, demonstrating extraordinary craftsmanship.

The holes and sides of the leather undergo careful and perfect processing, Every detail is handled with precision by hand and a brush.

The craftsman, like a true colourist, uses brush and cloths to create the most beautiful colour combinations on the leather. This is truly a craft. The finishing of all products gets a lot of attention at the Jan Pulles® brand.