Belt matching with sneaker

Belt matching with sneaker

This belt matching with sneaker are stunning masterpieces of colour and style.
The coloured custom made belt, characterized by rich hues and intricate patterns, embraces the art of individuality. In a new dimension of harmony with a handpolished sneaker, carrying the same exquisite colours.

Jan Pulles' coloured belts become hand-painted artworks by our masters of craft. Each brushstroke brings character and personality, and each shade tells a unique story. From deep browns to vibrant blues, our colour variations are infused with sophistication.

The colouring of our belts starts with careful selection of high-quality Calf leather. This leather is known for its beautiful and naturel sheen ,making it the perfect canvas for the hand patina process. Our colourists are trained artisans specialized in manually applying colour to the leather.

What makes it even more special is our exclusive limited custom made matching sneaker. Each piece is crafted to seamlessly complement the colours of the belt, creating a perfect interplay of style. Our belts are more than just accessories; they become an extension of sneakers and shoes. So together, they create a symphony of colour and style.

Jan Pulles' belts are not merely about the combination. It's also about the art of expression. A celebration of individuality and the power of colour to tell your own story with your dressing style.