Bike and leather

Bike and leather

The Jan Pulles’ vintage race bike is a unique fusion of timeless craft combined with modern transportation. Therefore this one piece limited edition bicycle became more than just a racing bike. It is now a work of ‘Leather art on Wheels’. Every detail of this bicycle  including the genuine Crocodile leather stand exudes sophistication and class.
Through the picture gallery here beneath we give you step by step more details about our artistic leather craftsmanship.


Every part of this bike has been infused with Jan Pulles' signature aesthetic. The frame is meticulously crafted with leather by hand, ensuring attention to the smallest detail bringing back the quality from the seventies. What truly distinguishes this bicycle is the exquisite leatherwork that adorns it, from the saddle, frame to the handlebars.

Jan Pulles' legendary leather patinas infuse unparalleled depth and character into this bicycle. The best Calf leather has been used by hand minutieus stitch by stitch with needle and thread.

The art of hand patina colouring gives this bike a high exclusive appearance.

This vintage race bike 'touched by Jan Pulles' is the ultimate symbol of design elegance and innovation. It pays tribute to Jan Pulles' legacy of craftsmanship and creative tradition. This bike is not meant to ride but to be admired as a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

We are very proud of this Limited nr 1 Jan Pulles masterpiece bike carrying a rich history of craftsmanship.